Express Returns™ Home Pick-ups

How does it work?

hpu-cx select

Customer initiates a return on your website and selects Home Pick-up

hpu-cx schedule

Customer schedules a pick-up time and chooses how to return (no label or package required)

  • Option A: Leave the item outside their door 
  • Option B: Hand the item to the driver
hpu-pick up
Pick-up provider retrieves the return, applies the label, and takes the package to a consolidation site
Consolidated items ship to your DC

Why More Retailers Are Willing to Pick Up Returns From Your Doorstep

Dalvin Brown // Wall Street Journal

Want to see Express Returns Home Pick-ups in action? Check out this video to get the details!

OP23_HPU_Press graphic

Express Returns™ Drop-offs

How does it work?

xrdo-cx select

Your customer initiates a return on your website, selects Drop-off, and receives a QR code via email

xrdo-cx drop
Your customer takes their return to a drop-off location (no package or label required)
A store associate scans the QR code, processes the return instantly, and applies a return label
Consolidated items ship to your DC

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